Our Griz Days

Griz Days Fernie Winter Festival
Happy Cow for a quick snack.

The Fernie Craft Market and Griz Competition on the stage. I think the Griz competitors were all smashing pancakes at this moment.

Griz Days 2015 - play at the park
Running around at the park.

Griz Days 2015 winter festival - rest at Bean Pod Fernie
Resting at Beanpod Chocolate shop – downtown Fernie.

Griz Days 2015 Fernie Winter Festival parade - The Griz, Mayor Mary
Griz Days Parade on 2nd ave – with The Griz and Mayor Mary G

Wapiti Music Festival 2015 Tickets Available 10 AM On March 1st

wapiti music festival 2015 - tickets on sale

Tickets are available online on the Wapiti Music Festival website or at Le Grand Fromage (672 2 Ave, Fernie) starting at 10 am on Sunday, March 1st. No price given. I guess we will find out when we pay for it. The funny thing is, the bands won’t be announce until March 13th! I think they know it doesn’t matter who’s playing. It’s just fun to go no matter who’s on stage. A great Fernie summer event!

What I Thought Of : The Memory Keeper’s Daughter by Kim Edwards

The Memory Keeper's Daughter by Kim EdwardsDuring a trip to Kalispell, Montana we stopped at a thrift store and I picked up a few books. The Memory Keeper’s Daughter by Kim Edwards was one of them.

Kim Edwards explores quite heavily what can happen when you hide a very big secret from your family. In this case, a father delivered his own twins on a stormy night and sends his daughter away with the nurse because she was born with Downs Syndrome – a choice he made in an attempt to save his wife from future heart ache. Norah, the new mother, was told one of the twins had died during child birth and from that moment on we are catapulted into their processes of grieving and regretting.

I’m not sure I was ready to read this book. I skimmed it quite a bit, especially when the same troubles, pain, questions and doubts would arise. There was so much sadness in this novel, of course, it’s a horrible situation and you just want to shake the characters’ shoulders and tell them the secret so we can all move on. I tried but they couldn’t hear me!

Kim Edwards also wrote about the difficulties in the 1960s to 1980s, when parents were fighting for their Downs Syndrome children to be recognized and accepted as people, instead of being sent away to remote institutions. You then want to shake the shoulders of society and slap their face for being ignorant.

If you’re ready for a book like this, then I have a copy for you. It’ll cost you 25 cents, to recoup what I spent on it. I didn’t hate it but I probably won’t read it again.

And that’s in my uneducated opinion.

Fernie Fix About To Publish Its 100th Issue

fernie fix - 100th issue

That’s amazing! Congrats, Fernie Fix on such amazing longevity and continued passion for the town of Fernie. I think it would be hard to put a magazine together for such a small town and keep it fresh and awesome but they do it!

For their 100th issue they’re asking for people to fill out a questionnaire to be considered for the special April 2015 issue. It’s like those Fernie Local profiles but with everyone. You can find a questionnaire at Freshies, Big Bang Bagels and Mugshots or online.

Getting Some Fresh Air

exploring the elk river

We’re still in isolation. A few more days to go. Yesterday we went down to the Elk River to explore in a spot we haven’t visited in a while. We come here, by hole 3 (I think) of the Fernie Golf Course, quite a bit in the summer but usually it’s not that appealing in the winter. This winter isn’t a usual winter so we went to explore with the kids. The sun was shining, rocks were plentiful and we even found some sand to play in.

elk river exploration - with the kids walking the log - elk river exploration

What To Do When The Kids Need To Be Isolated…

making and decorating the paper boats

I can’t believe all the fun stuff kids get to go through when they’re small. Right now we’re in the end and middle of Hand, Foot & Mouth Disease (HFMD). It’s a contagious illness that causes a rash on their hands, feet and mouth. We’re out of the fever and under the weather stage and now we just need to wait out the rest of the 10 days. I didn’t even know HFMD existed until last year. The things you learn when you become a parent.

So we needed something to do that is away from other kids and a little creative and fun. Paper boats, of course! I quickly looked up how to make the paper boats, thanks wikihow, and after a few scribbles were put on each piece of paper, the boats took shape. We were all very excited to be out in the fresh air to see the boats set sail. Little did they know, the boats don’t have motors or anyone directing them so they were a little disappointed when two of them immediately sank and the third one set off and got stranded on a stick after a couple minutes. We plucked them out of the freezing water, ate our snack and went home to get some hot chocolate. Now what do we do tomorrow…

paper boats down the river paper boats down the river

Fernie And Social Media. What’s up?

social media in fernie bc

Oh, Fernie. I doubt it’s just Fernie but I’m finding more and more businesses in the area that are missing out on all the fun and amazing ways to get their business online. There’s so much information you could be giving us and, more importantly, you can keep building your brand. Get us excited! Social media is not something most businesses put a lot of time and energy in and some really don’t need to but for those of us who are online and browsing and hungry for information (me) it’s a bit sad when I see a last posting in 2012 and they’re still in businesses today.

I have to say, I must exclude some decent local social media users but most of them stick to one outlet. Mostly Facebook? I think. I must exclude a few, such as, Fernie Alpine Resort, Property Guys, Kyle Hamilton, Heaven, Freyja, Fernie Fix, Fernie Brewing Co.,..and I’m sure there’s more.

Getting into any social media outlet isn’t easy and it’s a high learning curve and takes some creativity, energy and want to do it well. If it’s a chore, you’re probably not going to do it at all. You have to see for yourself the potential for businesses on Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Google+ and even YouTube. The whole world loves Fernie! We should show them what you’ve got.

I’m beginning to wonder if maybe I should be offering my services to people in town. Do a little trades? Get the ball rolling? I don’t know. If you want to talk, I’m here. Let’s figure this out! That includes you, City of Fernie!

Thanks for listening/reading. I already feel better.