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Out Of The Box Dumpster Art Day In Fernie

Dumpster Art - Out Of The Box - all artists

There were so many amazing artists working on dumpsters again this year. There was some really impressive work happening at Out Of The Box Dumpster Art Day. But there wasn’t just dumpster painting going on, the organizers had put together a few awesome free art projects for those who came down – trucker hat designs, button making, paint a square on the community dumpster or grab some spray paint and make some art on a canvas. It was like a really cool block party and I was so excited to be part of it. There is word that it will continue again next year. I hope so. I’m in!

Also, it’s important to note, all the dumpsters in my photos are in progress.  You should check out the final pieces around town! See if you can spot all 9 of them.

laura nelson - gets to paint afterall out of the box - free art activities out of the box - trucker hat art - free activity

From Fernie Pets – Dog Socials In Annex

Join us for Dog Socials at the Annex Off Leash Dog Park in Fernie. Wednesday nights from 5:30-7:00pm and Sundays from 10:30am-12pm. All Dog Park Rules (as posted at the park) apply. See you and your pup there!


SUP Race On Elk River

SUP Stand Up Paddle Board River Race by Mountain High

What I Thought Of : In The Unlikely Event By Judy Blume

Judy Blume - In The Unlikely Event - A NovelAn Accidental Book Club selection, In The Unlikely Event by Judy Blume was an interesting read. I liked it more once I was about half way through and then I couldn’t put it down. The book introduces about twenty characters, which allows us to see each person’s perspective during one particularly tragic year for a little town named Elizabeth. I was getting overwhelmed and lost in the names and their relations. When I have to try too hard, my brain fights it – I spent many nights passing out after reading 2 pages….sometimes, 2 paragraphs.

Once my brain figured out who was who, I could see a little more clearly what Judy Blume was doing. There are definitely a few main characters (a family of characters) and it seems as though everyone else had some sort of connection to this one family. We’re all linked, really, if you think about it.

I’m not sure if it’s because of Judy Blume’s past but I couldn’t help thinking, at times, I was reading young adult fiction. Not all the time, as there was definitely some adult content. There was just something about it that I can’t put my finger on.

What I did enjoy was seeing the change is perspective and attitude over the characters’ lifespan. You sometimes forget how tragedy can affect people so differently, depending on age, family life, your personality and, once again, perspective. The novel covers the unlikely events of passenger planes crashing into a small town in New Jersey and how it effects the lives of the people in the town of Elizabeth, as well as, the family and friends of the passengers in the planes. How blessed I am to not have lived in a town where multiple planes crashed (as Judy Blume had as a child, as it turns out). The funny thing is, I used to wonder if people living by an airport worried about this exact scenario. I think I would, which is probably why I don’t live by an airport. In fact, the closest one is about 1 hour away. Perfect.

So not only is Blume telling the story of grief, healing and moving on but she touches on something more, like the importance of love and forgiveness. I can’t wait to talk to my Accidental Book Club people about this book. I find the idea of personal opinions fascinating. How can one person like something and another doesn’t? We’ll find out!

By the way, I don’t recommend reading this on a plane.

Thanks, Fernie Heritage Library, for lending me the book!

And that’s in my uneducated opinion.

Loyalty At Loaf Bakery And Beyond

loaf bakery - belly loyalty card

Loaf Bakery started a new loyalty program using the Belly Card and it sounds kind of cool. You pick up a free belly card at their downtown Fernie shop, download the app and I guess you can use this card not only at Loaf but at other locations around North America and even Puerto Rico. I’m not exactly sure how you can redeem or what you get but I guess the next thing to do is ask! Ok fine. I will.

From The Elk River Alliance

elk river alliance - do not build weirs

Apparently those adorable rock walls built along the river are bad. Who knew?! I didn’t. There’s one along the river in James White Park, by the baseball fields and I guess the weirs make it harder for the fish to spawn.

It’s a lot like how they say feeding ducks bread is bad. I didn’t know! Although, I don’t think feeding any wild animals is good, including the ants in our backyard. If only my children understood about leaving food in random places.