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BIG NEWS – We moved! After operating in a 229 square-foot room for the last 2 years (swipe to the end to see our old broom closet roasterie) we are so pleased to announce that we have scaled up to a space with a bit more breathing room. Popping a little bubbly after hauling in the last of the burlap sacs left us feeling extra thankful this weekend 🍾 ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖. To spread our excitement, we have a little something for all of you… Use the offer code MOVE at checkout to receive 20% OFF your entire order until October 20th! Consider it a thank-you, for supporting Rooftop and helping us roast delicious coffees for you everyday! Much love, and stay caffeinated my friends🤘🏻#rooftopcoffeeroasters #ferniestoke #coffeesale #coffeetime

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Confessions Of A Lazy Person : Rise and Fall Running

Fernie Fall Trail - James White Park Path

What expectations I had on myself this September to get back into running! And I have been running. I’m running more now than I did in the summer. SO there’s that! But I’ve got to be easy on myself because I don’t enjoy feeling bad about things. Me feeling bad about not running is not making me want to run more. What makes me want to run more is actually running because when I’m done, I feel good. I realized one of my kids is like this. I would get so frustrated and I would start yelling but then the situation would escalate – of course! We’ve been trying so hard to teach with love and it actually does make a difference, although it’s not as easy as you think – because kids can be SO frustrating. Unbelievably, excruciatingly frustrating but it’s because I’m an adult now and I don’t find their intolerance and rude behaviour the funniest thing in the world. DEEP BREATHING! But really, they’re good kids and I am a good person so I should love myself and love my kids and just breathe very deeply.

School Of Fish Art Project In Revelstoke

9 Years!

Party At El Guapo With Optimus Prime

I started Small Town Social 9 years ago today! What a special day today is. It’s been an interesting experience, writing for a blog like this. When I started STS it was because I found there to be a lack of communication between local businesses and the public. Bands would come and go and I would usually miss it. I had to read Fernie Fix religiously, and even they can’t list everything that’s happening, especially if it’s planned after the issue goes to print. I tried to fill a gap and to have fun with it. Now it’s hardly needed because of Facebook, Instagram and all the other online resources this town has, yet, I’m still writing.

I’ve tried to quit a few times and I failed at that. I keep coming back to it. It’s nice to have a place to put your thoughts when you want to share them. I don’t like sharing thoughts on Facebook but I like sharing thoughts here. Maybe, I feel like this is my space and no one else’s. I have more control and, perhaps, I enjoy not getting responses and encouragement – not to say you can’t encourage me. I don’t want to put value in my posts based on the amount of comments or likes I get.

My life isn’t that important and special. I know that! But having a blog doesn’t mean you’re any of those things. Blogging is just about sharing and I find sharing meaningful, just like painting.

So, thank you for reading my blog!


Griz Kidz Halloween Party & Haunted House

Griz Kids Halloween Party and Haunted House in Fernie BC

“New this Fall! Griz Kidz Halloween Party & Haunted House

Dress up your little monsters and join us for the 1st Annual Griz Kidz Halloween Party & Haunted House on Sunday, October 28 from 11am – 4pm in the Day Lodge.

Join us on the main floor of the Day Lodge for ghoulish games, creepy-crawly crafts, enchanting activities and decorate a Halloween treat. Come dressed in your costume and take a family photo in our spooktacular photo booth. If you get hungry, we’ll have other twisted treats available for purchase.

Finally… take a walk downstairs and enter our haunted basement if you dare (Mwahahaha).

Admission at the door:

$5/person (ages 2+)

$15/family (up to 2 adults & 3 children)

Free for children under 2 yrs”

For more information go here.


Thanksgiving At The Barn

Montane Barn Thanksgiving with Fernie Therapeutic Horse and Pony Club

Mark Your Calendars – 4th Annual Great Pumpkin Hunt Coming Up

Fernie Pumpkin Hunt - Nordic Society Fundraiser

Saturday, October 20th the 4th Annual Great Pumpkin Hunt is happening at Fernie Nordic Society Centre (warming hut) by the Provincial Park. This is intended for kids aged 9 and under. There will be hot chocolate, fires for warmth and PUMPKINS to hunt. I’d suggest you and your family get there early as it’s a popular event and pumpkins go fast.

11:30-1:30pm. Dress warm!