Kari Lehr and Aileen Shipley – Art Show & Sale Grand Opening on April 4th

Art show and sale - inside and out wellness - Aileen Shipley


Free Lunch For Women (Children Welcome) At Fernie Women’s Resource Centre

free lunch for women at Fernie Women's Resource Centre

What I Thought Of : The Three Fates Of Henrik Nordmark

The Three Fates of Henrik Nordmark by Christopher MeadesWhat did I think of The Three Fates of Henrik Nordmark by Christopher Meades. It’s a tough one for me since Rod knows the author, a cousin of his best friends, and I don’t like disliking things and telling people about it. Wait. That’s a bad way to start talking about a book that I thought was okay. It was entertaining, for sure, with some interesting scenes and unique character ideas. I read the whole book! There have been a couple books I just put down and couldn’t finish. That’s something.

I’ve been thinking about it for a couple days and what I’ve come up with is, from page to page I felt like I was reading a story but not experiencing the story. Does that make sense? I’m not sure if that’s an actual thing but sometimes I get really lost in the book and I get attached to characters, even if I really don’t like the person, but I didn’t feel that with this book. Before I started reading, I went online to find an image of the cover and I briefly saw some reviews – 5 stars, 4 1/2 stars, one after the other. So there’s that other issue – I might have had high expectations and I was a little let down.

Back to the unique characters. The main guy, Henrik Nordmark, is the most dull person in the world, apparently. He does nothing original or interesting and he is all alone. Two other characters, Bonnie and Clyde, secretly hate each other and each are determined to kill the other. Three retired hit men are given one last job and are in no state to be taking on the job of killing anyone as they are minutes away from dying themselves. There’s also a guy, Roland, who seems more boring than Henrik, who thinks he won the lottery but ends up ruining everything that’s good in his life before realizing he did not.

I didn’t believe any of it.

The characters’ lives are, of course, all intertwined and each step one makes effects all the others. Perhaps during the time before the book begins Henrik’s life was really boring but I don’t think boring people have creative thoughts, such as, I want to be unique. Henrik made a valiant effort to be unique. Saying that, there was too much of an Inspector Jacques Clouseau thing going on where Henrik would make silly choices and narrowly avoid death time and time again.

Bonnie and Clyde – well, I just never believed they wanted to kill each other.

The three seniors were too old. I hope that’s not agism, but seriously, the guys were falling apart.

There you have it. That’s what I thought. It was cool reading a book written by someone so close to our circle of friends and, by all means, he can write a million times better than I ever could. I have guilt for thinking these things and putting them out there but I also want to believe I’m allowed to have my own opinion about a book and I’m sure if Mr. Meades ever reads this post he’ll have all sorts of things to say about it. I just really wanted to be honest. How will anyone get better if they’re constantly told they’re great?

And that’s in my uneducated opinion.

Behind The Scene Art Show – Set Up Sneak Peek

Behind The Scene Art Show - Set up

Setting up Behind The Scene Art Show has begun. Tonight from 6 to 9 pm you can come by and look at and purchase original artwork. There will be loads and loads of life drawings, handmade crafts, paintings and photography. It’s an exciting time. Come check it out – you may even win a door prize! Knox United Church, 201 2nd Ave.

Oh and there is an after party at Infintea.

Booked! John Vaillant at Fernie Heritage Library

booked! Writers Series - opening band Joshua's BurningLive band, to get us all warmed up, Joshua’s Burning.

What a fantastic night! (as I live tweeted last night) The Booked! Fernie Writers’ Series really knows how to put on a great event. Cheese and fruit plates by Le Grand Fromage (next time they will have Fernie Brewing Co, so it’s just getting better and better,) a great live band and then there was John Vaillant. Not a single person moved during his readings from The Jaguar’s Children and his story of how the book came to be was also riveting. As much as I love a good music festival or a little life drawing session, it felt good to attend an event that speaks to you, makes you see the world in a different way and, if you feel like it and I generally don’t, get involved in the discussion.

The next Booked! author will be Will Ferguson. Perhaps I’ll post a little blurb from his book How To Be Canadian, here and there, to built some excitement.

booked! Writers Series - author reading by John Vaillant in Fernie
No one is even blinking while John Vaillant speaks.

Views Of Fernie : Finding Snow, Rusty Edge, Reno and Vintage Finds

fernie alpine resort - still finding snow
(above: ski lessons continue at Fernie Alpine Resort.)

at fernie ski hill - rusty edge restaurant
(above: finally made it to Rusty Edge at the hill.)

downtown fernie - new business opening
(above: one of my favorite things – seeing a vacant spot get renovated. Secret business!)

side street sweet shoppe - fernie bc - vintage cashier
(above: A really cool vintage cash register at Side Street Sweet Shoppe downtown Fernie.)

Awake – The Life Of Yogananda – Documentary At The Arts Station

awake - the life of yogananda - yoga documentary

Awake – The Life of Yogananda
Saturday, April 11, at 7pm at The Arts Station, 601-1st Ave
Tickets $10

Hindu mystic Paramahansa Yogananda brought yoga and meditation to the West in 1920 and authored the spiritual classic “Autobiography of a Yogi.”  By personalizing his own quest for enlightenment and sharing his struggles along the path, Yogananda made ancient teachings accessible to a modern
audience.  This documentary examines the world of yoga, modern and ancient, East and West and explores why millions today have turned their attention inward, bucking the temptations of the material world in pursuit of Self-Realization.

Trailer for Awake