Found On Twitter : Fire Restrictions In Southeast

Stretch Your Legs In Fernie BC

Fernie BC - Quick stop and stretch the legs

Maiden Lake is a regular spot for my family but as we walked around the lake a few days ago I saw a family who looked as though they were just making a quick stop to stretch their legs. It’s a brilliant idea, if you’re traveling along Hwy 3, and you need a place to get out of your car, along the highway, to get your body moving a bit and not commit to a big trail. It might take 5 minutes at my mother’s pace but 1 hour in my 2 year old’s daze. Just stay on the road you turn onto to get to Canadian Tire or (soon to be) Independent Grocers and park on the road behind the buildings. It’s also a great place to spot a variety of birds including, my favorite, the red wing blackbird. Give a try! You might just see us playing on the beach.

Fernie On Instagram : mountainmomof2

I have been able to start following local Instagramers since creating my Saving Knots account and it’s been so lovely diving into the world of Fernie – a Fernie that I wouldn’t normally see. I have been following mountainmomof2 (Katharine Rosger) for a while and her pictures are so fresh and bright and you also get to see some of the production that goes into Homesoun Soaps! Pretty cool.Homesoun soaps Fernie be on Instagram

On The Free Press : “Executive Retreat To Open Near Hosmer”

free press fernie - executive retreat to open near Hosmer

Read the article on The Free Press’ website here.

When I moved here back in 2009, or was it 2008…, I did not picture Fernie changing the way it is today. A new executive retreat? Heaven’s Gate? Montane? The Cedars? and probably more I don’t know about. I thought this was a small town that no one had heard of – I certainly had no idea what a “Fernie” was when Rod told me had moved to here.

Anyways, I’m not against progress, but I’m interested to see how all this development will impact the community.

Confessions Of A Lazy Person : I Like Being Lazy

François Boucher - voluptuous women paintings

Have you seen those paintings from the 1700s of voluptuous women just draped over a bed with beautiful fabrics surrounding them? Well, I put a painting above by François Boucher to show you what I mean, just in case. I want to BE those women. They’re so plump and contemplative, yet, peaceful and happy. I bet somewhere off canvas there’s a bowl of grapes and a pitcher of wine and maybe a little book she’s enjoying or not enjoying.

I need to go run now so I can come home and eat my spinach salad. UGH.

Found On Twitter : I Don’t Know What To Think About It

From Char Woodman’s LinkedIn page:

…..The ground-breaking pedestrian community will include world class conference facilities, hotel accommodation, single and multi-family housing, and a sustainable working farm.”

I can’t wait to see the plans for this project.

Music Break : Close Talker

Close Talkers - Wapiti Music Festival Fernie BC - Music Break

c l o s e  t a l k e r

A few weeks ago Wapiti Music Festival announced that Elwins were out of the line up and Close Talker was in – maybe, we should give Close Talk a closer look.

Below we have the video for their single ‘Heads’ and I gotta say, I don’t know what Elwins sound like, but I’m not upset about the change. I hear they’re from Saskatoon…that’s cool.