Here We Go, Again, Instagram

I was kicked off Instagram earlier this year (later I found out it was because of a misunderstanding about copyright music in my animated videos – I was, in fact, using royalty free music…but whatever) and now I am going to give it a go, one more time. Since I have a blog that I write on daily, you can portably tell that I actually love sharing what I do and what I find, it’s been a part of me for many years now. Off we go!

Quick Drawing Of The Day – Velcro Cat Image

I did it quickly but I DID it, just like I said I would.

One Sentence Story – While We Sip Our Morning Coffee

I wonder if the man who bikes by our house every weekday morning, at 7:50 sharp, is aware that he’s a part of our morning routine.

Some Photos From The Weekend – Today In Fernie

Today In Fernie - photos from Spectrum Arts Festival, Elk River Alliance clean up 2022, a sleepover, and the three sisters mountains in Fernie. Black and white photography every day.

It was an action packed weekend in Fernie. Spectrum Arts Festival by Fernie Pride, Elk River Alliance clean up, and some other Fernie adventures. What a beautiful weekend it was!


Spectrum Arts Festival – In Fernie Today