Fernie Colour Crawl Season Is Creeping Up

Fernie On Instagram – One Bag Donation Challenge

Starting Today At Vogue Theatre


Fri Aug 19 – Thurs Sept 1
7pm Nightly
7pm & 9:00pm Fri, Sat & Tues
3pm Sat & Sun matinee
A young boy named Kubo must locate a magical suit of armor worn by his late father in order to defeat a vengeful spirit from the past.

Fernie Lantern Festival 2016 Planning Begins

Fernie Lantern Festival - Into The Woods

Just wanted to let you know, the planning of Fernie’s Lantern Festival 2016 has begun and we’re cooking up a good one. Here’s a little peek into the theme for this year.

If you’re interested in the event, because it’s a good one, there are a few ways you can help out.
Make your own lantern to be displayed and paraded about at the festival. Although the theme is Into The Woods, you are more than welcome to create whatever you fancy. We offer space at the Arts Station in the fall, where you will have access to materials and lantern making inspiration. Schedule coming soon!
Join the team. We are creating an enchanted world for all our festival goers to interact with. It’s a lot of work to put it together and a few extra hands are always welcome. If you’re not into building, there are many other ways you can help us stay organized and on schedule.
Lend some materials. A lantern festival needs a lot of lights! If you have christmas lights (outdoor) that we can use for the night, we would love to borrow them. All materials to be returned! Promise.
Beyond lights, we are always looking for:
• old bamboo blinds
• long willow branches
• wood scraps
• house spot lights

WonderWalk And Shy Girl At Wapiti Music Festival

Shy Girl - WonderWalk - Wapiti Music Festival

Well, hello, everyone! It’s been a while since I actually typed words out, rather than my usual post a picture/poster and continue on with my day. Exciting times have arrived! My little project called Shy Girl is being used as the guinea pig for WonderWalk at Wapiti Music Festival this weekend. WonderWalk was created by Sandra Boer as a way to promote local talent in a fun and engaging way. This time we have taken part of my story, Shy Girl – Tacki’s Cure (book one), and placed  thirty pages of the story throughout the festival grounds. You can meander through the story and even go to my shy girl website to see more illustrations and learn more about the story. Shy Girl is a children’s book, a work in progress, for over a year and it’s still a very special project for me. I’m nervous and excited to let people into my Shy Girl world. I hope you enjoy it and even let me know if you did or did not enjoy the WonderWalk and Shy Girl experience. There’s even a survey you can quickly take this weekend, since I know every loves a good survey, so we can work towards creating another WonderWalk or perhaps rework the whole idea to make it better.

You May Have Heard, A Little Music Festival Is Happening This Weekend In Fernie

Wapiti Music Festival 2016

There are no posters for Wapiti this year? Shocking. This is the best I could find. 


ArtExpo Early Viewing At The Next Wednesday Social