Fernie – Dog Town

Leroy Brown
Fernie is a dog town. It’s a fact. I would be so bold as to say there are more dogs in Fernie than people…that’s not a fact. Because of this love for dogs, there are plenty of dog friendly accommodations, services and even retail stores. But not everyone loves dogs or, on the flip side, some people love their dogs too much and, therefore, there are rules to walking and owning a dog in Fernie. This post keeps reminding me of the cafe I used to see in Vancouver – it was a dog cafe and the tables were lower to the ground so the dogs can sit together with their owner and enjoy a little treat. That’s weird stuff.

Briefly, this is good to know when traveling with your dog to Fernie:

• Your dog cannot be off its leash within the city limits of Fernie; West Fernie, on the other hand, has no laws against it (I love West Fernie).
• All resident dogs must have a license (about $25/year).
• There are two off-leash park in the city of Fernie, behind the aquatic centre and the field at the end of 14th St (Annex) where a proposed fenced dog park is being considered.
• When staying at Snow Valley Motel & RV Park, Caffrey, a golden retriever, is the welcoming wagon to fellow canines.
• A helpful website when you’ve lost or found a pet: www.ferniepets.ca – there is also a pet forum, info centre, image gallery and other helpful links.
Barkside Pets offers a self serve dog washing center, as well as, a full spa service by Eco Dogs Pet Grooming. Keep those coats and nail gorgeous! If you’re looking for healthy treats, clothes, toys, pet beds or a good food supply, Barkside Pets has it all. You can find their new store at 791A 2nd Ave.
Island Lake Lodge welcomes pets, with designated pet friendly locations. Bedding/blankets, waste bags, food/water bowls are available upon request.
Stanford Inn offers pet friendly rooms in the hotel only (not in chalets). Food and water bowls are available if needed.
Happy Hounds, outdoor adventures for dogs, offers 1 and 2 hour walks, private walks, pupply play and holiday relief (with 3 visits a day to your home/hotel.)
• Winter Doggie Day Care is available with Snow Valley Pets – they will train and exercise your dog with the Snow Valley Huskies.
Pema Design creates orthopedic pet beds out of buckwheat hull. Custom designs or order from their online store. – NOW RETIRED


2 responses to “Fernie – Dog Town

  1. i wish that i had a dog so that i could go to west fernie and run around with my dog who’s not on a leash but has a $25/year license and then take them to the self-serve grooming centre where we’d laugh and play and get soap on each other. then we’d go home and lie in our matching buckwheat beds. what? no. i don’t sleep on a dog bed. goddah.

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