Artist’s Supplies In Fernie

Painting by Brina Schenk
One thing Fernie needs and doesn’t have is an art supplies store. It’s so strange. Don’t get me wrong, art is everywhere in Fernie; you can find it in every cafe and restaurant but unless your medium is bail point pen, you’re limited to what’s stocked at Fernie Stationers. Alas, I cannot complain too much for Fernie Stationers, although small, has a decent supply of supplies and if you’re a member of the Fernie & District Arts Council you receive a lovely 10% off all art materials. The membership will also give you discounts at larger art supply stores in Calgary, which is awesome. You may think, like I did, oh Cranbrook must have an art store – so I swiftly pipe in with the drove-an-hour-to-find-out-answer: the art store is closed…unless there’s a new one that I don’t know about?

What I’m trying to say here, without sounding frustrated because I’m really not, is Fernie loves art and their artists but if you’re interested in finding quality arts & crafts tools, paints etc., you may want to see what’s happening in the big city or online at Currys (Holiday Savings are on right now). I have recently been aware of a scrapbook space called Happy Valley Scrapbooking in Hosmer by Wanda McDonald, if that’s your thing.

Still worth checking out : Fernie Stationers
591D 2nd Ave., Fernie, BC
Tel: 250/423.3610

• • • • • 2014 update • • • • •

I have say, Fernie Stationers has improved SO much since this was posted way back in 2010. Their art supplies section has grown and included a few more really interesting things. I managed to get some fabric paint there and Golden’s fabric painting medium which turns most liquid paints into a fabric paint. How cool is that?!

Very impressed with Fernie Stationers!


One response to “Artist’s Supplies In Fernie

  1. Thanks for the tip on Curry’s online shop – now my supplies are on the way!

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