Qigong and Tai Chi in Fernie

Bridget showing us the Tai Chi SwordTai Chi Sword PracticeTai Chi Sword with Bridget in Fernie

Last night was the final class in our Qigong course through College of the Rockies. You might have seen a group of people moving really slowing and breathing deeply – but not too deeply or you’ll faint – in the Fernie Library park and giggled to yourself – yeah well, that’s us and we don’t even know you’re there. Ha! During the Relay for Life on June 5th, the Qigong and the Tai Chi group will be showing a demonstration of some mad and purposeful slow moving skills around 3:00 pm if you’re interested in watching and even taking part. Our teacher, Bridget, can easily lead you through all the movements and poses and it feels good to be there in that moment. It’s a great way to clear the mind, get some exercise and sort out your chi.

Tai Chi with a sword will possibly be demonstrated as well. We just got a taste of it on our last day for fun…and it was!


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