The Fernie Courthouse

Fernie Courthouse Exterior GroundsFernie Courthouse ArchitectureFernie Courthouse ArchitectureFernie Courthouse ArchitectureFernie Courthouse Architecture
The community has mixed feelings about the Fernie Courthouse but I find this building quite stunning, both in and outside. The main floor is dedicated to BC Government Services, such as issuing Marriage Licenses, and upstairs is where the courtroom is, which I haven’t seen yet…and hope I don’t have to unless it’s just to see what it looks like.

The size of the building would suggest that inside it is bustling with activity, but it isn’t. I rarely see anyone parked in the parking lot and when you walk in, you feel like you need to whisper, as if in a library. There must be more happening in this building. Is it storage? If so, it’s a beautiful storage space. If they’re looking for people to fill it up, I’d love to take up a room and blog all day long in there. I’ll take the second door on the left. Perfect. Thanks.

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