Small Town Social Blog Turns One!

It’s been one year since my first posting on Small Town Social Blog and we’ve grown from seeing 5 views a day to our largest of 412 in one day! It’s amazing to know that in one year STS has had more than 36,000 total views and that’s not including the 10,000 times I’ve clicked on it! To celebrate this big occasion I have put together a list of our Top 10 Memorable Moments of Year One.

Let’s start at #10 and race to the top!

10. Free Kicking Horse Coffee – Because of certain connections and a posting about Kicking Horse Coffee on Small Town Social, I received a fresh canister of Kick Ass coffee beans in the mail. Free is cool, especially when it’s coffee.

Kicking Horse Coffee at Overwaitea

9. Marie’s Mom – Marie-Kristine Landry’s mom, Lili Nadon Fry, is the sweetest and most frequent post commenter with almost 10 comments…I think there was one day when she commented 5 times. I love her and I hope to one day meet her.

8. Kootenay Mountain Culture Magazine Blurb – Tara Cunningham, Managing Editor of KMC, called me in September 2010 to get some facts on Small Town Social for their upcoming issue. How sweet is that?!

7. Optimus Prime – Tristen Perras and I decided to papier-mâché Optimus Prime one day, for fun, and we ended up taking him to Canada Day Celebrations in Fernie and snapping a few photos. It was a day we, but mostly the kids, will ne’r forget.

Party At El Guapo With Optimus Prime

6. The Wooden Sky Band Apology – For weeks, this past winter, I was looking forward to The Wooden Sky’s show at Grand Central in Fernie and it was canceled the night before. I posted the sad announcement on the blog and Gavin Gardiner, band member of The Wooden Sky, apologized for the mix up. That was unexpected but appreciated. (Pictured below)

The Wooden Sky

5. Throne Of Vengeance Media Interview – The manager of this heavy metal rock band asked if I wanted to come out and meet the band and catch their show in March 2010…this was a first media request for me so I went and I shyly talked to the manager. He was really nice and ended up showing me how to take dark venue band shots. Thanks! Your tips worked like a charm.

4. My Olympic Torch Relay Reenactment – I slept in. But that didn’t stop us from experiencing the Olympic Torch Relay in Fernie. It was almost like we were there. Thanks to Rod and Dwight for their superb acting skills…but it was Rod’s perfectly timed slip on the ice that really made the experience unforgettable.

Fernie Torch Relay Reenactment
3. Fernie Fashion Front Photo Shoots – They were all fabulous! The first with Freyja was quite challenging and a lot of work for only a few decent shots but it was still an important learning experience. Purchasing and showing off the thrift store specials with TP made me laugh so hard I could have lost my voice. Heaven’s Consignment clothes shoot with the fabulous Marie surprised and delighted me. Don’t worry, more Fernie Fashion Fronts to come!

Tristen and Brina's Thrift Store Bagatelle Photo Shoot
2. The Dinner Party – Dwight Schenk’s original graphic novel called The Dinner Party, set in Fernie BC, has been posted on Small Town Social since almost the beginning and it has earned a bit of a following. A small following. With only one chapter left, the exciting conclusion with all questions answered, what will we have to entertain us? Dwight? What will we do? Chapter 5 IS coming soon. Don’t you worry about that!

1. Rod and Brina got married It happened on September 17th, 2010 and I am documenting the whole amazing thing on Small Town Social. To have started Small Town Social with a goal of helping planners plan an event in Fernie, I feel like I now have the experience to properly write about it. The next issue of Small Town Social The Book will be much wiser and better. Snap!

What was one of your memorable moments?


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