Private View

It’s been nearly a full week since Fernie ski hill opened; with the great conditions and intermittent snow fall, the season looks like it has started well. One thing missing though in this ski equation is the PEOPLE! Where the hell is everyone?

Did I actually pay to have my own private ski hill? That’s right, I now have the power to reserve ski runs. Wake up, it’s only a dream. Wait a few more weeks and we shall be like sardines in a tin.

The only snow dreamers I have participated with are the ones that work at the ski hill or have chosen to work around the hill’s opening schedule. We have been meandering down the hill with no care in the world.

‘Time for another powder run?’
‘Oh I can’t, I have already done 5 fresh track runs’.

Being a snow junkie, you can fit into one of two categories – Powder Hounds and Park Rat.

Powder Hounds – you high tech bunch, prepared for those extreme conditions because you are going to be out when you can’t even see the chairlift. Face mask, hydro bag, helmet, backpack and telemarks contribute to your sustainable look.

Park Rat – sniffing out lips, natural kickers to hit those ollies and grinds off. No specialized equipment necessary but a helmet is going to save your frontal lobes from any park damage. Ensure your pants are baggy and colours are clashing. For extra ratness put on a narly face mask and over-sized head phones.

These are the example of Hounds and Rats I have found this week. You can decipher for yourselves which category they fall into. Well done for your big efforts in wearing clothes this week. It was certainly not board shorts and flip flops weather. And remember, always wear clean underwear, you don’t know when your going to be in a accident – the doctor may need to take off that one-piece.

Stay safe and colour happy.

Alex Cvijovic

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