Fashion Forecasting

What a fantastic week Fernie has had! I am not talking about the skiing. There have been unimaginable amounts of ski attire featured on the hill.

Rain was a big fashion hitter. I hope you all remembered to spray that extra layer of water repellent, as this rain was permeating to the thermal layer. For those with a permeable membrane, Fernie Alpine Resort was giving out free items of clothing. Don’t all rush, this big give away is only weather permitting. Outerwear of plastic tabard/jacket/bags. While this extra layer was most appreciated, some did not want to grace the Overwaitea look ‘a’ like competition. Even I could see the sense in wearing a plastic bag, even though it was not coordinating.

For others, a bag is not just for shopping. I want to introduce to you one cheerful soul whom does not need the excuse of the rain to wear a plastic bag. Here is Dave, an example of a determined rider. He has a broken zipper on his jacket, so rather than waiting for the jacket to be repaired, he took outerwear design into his hands. Created, styled and modeled by Dave, we see here the versatility of the Little Black Sac. With a versatile neck entrance, he is able to keep his core dry, and his derriere warm.

Dave - Plastic Bag Fashion in Fernie
With the feature on warmth and protection this week, I would like to introduce the other willing models who find the importance of sustainable clothing. As modeled by this young man, the trouser brace has been bought back into modernisation and out of fossilisation. Not just an annoyance when trying to rush to the washroom, it seconds as a brilliant mobile stretching device.

warmth and protection in Fernie at the ski hill
And now, one-pieces of two contrasting decades. You can not compete with the luster and colour coordination of this lovely lady’s streamline piece. I particularly like her fun toque that protrudes behind the coordinated goggles. I wonder if she has a fanny pack to match.

It being a one-piece of the 21st Century, I am sure the zipper can pull down faster. Though I don’t enjoy the crazy dice pattern, he is going to get lost within that gray snow you find beneath your driveway.

The One Piece - A 2010 Phenom

For more classics of the wardrobe I am hoping, with the season upon us and the holiday makers joining Fernie, that I am going to attain some memorable footage. Have a great week preparing the turkey and wrapping up the presents. A one-piece is not just for Christmas, it’s for life.

Alex Cvijovic


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