Sparwood BC Gets Rebranded

Sparwood BC - Rebranding - new logo, website etc
Wow! That’s a huge change for Sparwood BC from the previous website and branding. They’ve gotten so tough and dark. While clicking through Sparwood’s new website you might feel a quick sock to the jaw because Sparwood just punched you for asking questions about their big truck. I like it though. I’m excited to see how this effects the little community.

Sparwood BC new logo


2 responses to “Sparwood BC Gets Rebranded

  1. This is like a Chevy commercial – all those big block letters! It’s pretty tough. I really like Elkford’s branding – those cute fun-loving forest creatures popping up all over the place :) But hey, I am a girl.

  2. It really seems like they’ve approached it with a sense of humour which I really appreciate.

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