From SpaceRace – SpaceRace For Wee Geeks

SpaceRace in Fernie - Technology For Kids
In the tiny mountain town where the SpaceRacers temporarily reside, it’s easy to get things done. It’s easy to get from one end of town to another. It’s easy to buy groceries without waiting in line for 45 minutes. It’s easy to get an appointment at the bank. It’s easy to find a decent, honest mechanic.  And it’s easy to make a difference….Read more here.

*** STS Note***
How exciting for Fernie kids!

2 responses to “From SpaceRace – SpaceRace For Wee Geeks

  1. We’re going to do a project a month – I wanted to start with Bitstrips since it’s so much fun to play with – and create content despite the fun! If I can get a Sr Tech Club going after school, I will certainly try Glogster!
    Also on my list are Voicethread, a podcast with Audacity, and a club “site” with Weebly!

  2. This is fabulous! I will be trying this out in my own classroom…
    You might want to check out Glogster for older students. I use it with my grade fours and fives-they love to create Glogs…the email/facebook updates have tons of links and info for other technology sites as well. Cool stuff.

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