The Truth About Powder Skis

Here’s an amusing clip that I was sent recently by a friend in Fernie that definitely deserves a wider audience:

Not only is it topical with regards to skiing and snowboarding, but also has some relevance due to the fact that the clip’s been made using a movie making website (, that enables users to sign up and begin creating their own little ‘fillems’ (as the Irish might say). Since we’ve just heard the latest from this year’s Oscars, I wouldn’t be too surprised if someone utilising this technology was to win an Oscar next year. Maybe…

Anyway, I thought it was rather amusing. I’m a skier and I think that someone needs to come up with a suitable riposte.


One response to “The Truth About Powder Skis

  1. A recent locals submission at the Fernie Mountain Film Festival by Andrea Graham, provides a great dialogue of Fernie’s Old Side New Side conundrum. It appears to use the same software, it would make a great addition to your spread if she will permit it.
    Wow! Communicating cool controversial ideas with someone elses face.

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