From The Arts Station – Banner Project 2011 Launch

Spring has sprung, a new batch of banners has been hatched and the Seventh Annual Banner Project is officially ready to reveal the flags that have been selected to wave proudly over Victoria Avenue in remarkable downtown Fernie! Before they take flight down Victoria Avenue though, you are invited to see them all in their colourful glory at the Banner Project Launch at The Arts Station on April 14 at 7pm.

The Banner Project Launch is an exceptional way to celebrate the depth and variety of artists in the community. Part of the excitement, of course, is seeing what Fernie’s established artists have come up with, but the other part is discovering the art of people who aren’t as well known. From painting to pottery, the Banner Project exposes our city’s passion for art.

The finished banners will be unveiled at the Banner Project Launch at The Arts Station, on Thursday, April 14 at 7pm. as part of BC Arts and Culture Week. This is the time where you can sponsor a banner for just $100 and help add color and culture to our streets. Two years later, the banner is yours! After the banner has hung along Victoria (2nd) Avenue for a year it is then relocated along the highway for another. This project is possible thanks to the City of Fernie and the District Arts Council who underpin the project. But it is your sponsorship that makes the Project sustainable.

Interested sponsors can view all of the banners during the Banner Project Launch, but you will need to be fast. Banners are a hot commodity and look fantastic hanging in your own backyard or garden.


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