Views Of Fernie :: Snakes In The Basement

Garter Snakes in our basement - Fernie BC
Look who we found in our basement….and that’s when I learned they’re not “gardener snakes” but “garter snakes.

We set them free but I’m pretty sure they’re back in the house. I just hope they eat mice.

Interesting fact: Female garter snakes are able to store the male’s sperm for years before fertilization.


2 responses to “Views Of Fernie :: Snakes In The Basement

  1. That’s fascinating, Bev! Thanks for adding all those details. I just thought they hung out and did nothing. If these two hang out in our basement for too long we may just find a new rock wall for them to live. That will be Rod’s job.

  2. Lucky you–a couple snakes are good for the garden. Yup–they eat mice (and ground-nesting baby junkos, too, unfortunately). And I suspect they eat slugs because our slug population dropped when the garters moved into our rock wall. Speaking of which, they like a cool rocky place to hide out from extreme weather, hence your basement. If you find you have too many (or they won’t leave the house), they are easily transported to a wilderness rock pile: just pick them up by the tail (leather gloves allowed) and pop into a garbage bag. One more thing, you’ll learn not to run along stone and cement paths in bare feet without looking where your feet will fall–they DO like sun bathing!

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