Simple Screen Printing

The Project Room
By Athena Knibbs

A group of girls and myself have banded together to mix our creative juices and the punch that we have created….we call the Project Room. Typically you find us every Wednesday evening at the Arts Station (Wild Women Wednesdays) from 7 to 9, crafting, venting, laughing and most of all, inspiring one another. Some of us sew, felt, knit, print or all of the above. I can’t tell you how much I look forward to our gathering. As is happens, we are mostly moms (thank you to you newbies who are childless…you remind us of what it is like to be well rested, without under eye bags and energetic about our day jobs) and the support we lend to each other is priceless. After our time together I always feel regenerated, as a mom and mostly as an creative person. Thank you ladies!! Men are welcome but they usually don’t dare.

Anyways…awhile back, my friend AP and myself left our children for 4 days to take a screen printing course in Calgary. We built our own screens, cut stencils, played with photo emulsion and dreamt about the many designs we hoped to print some day. It was a fantastic course for me as a beginner…AP is more experienced and the art of printing runs in her family. But the main thing I learned is that screen printing is more accessible as a craft than I had previously thought. Here is a great tutorial from AP of Ink’n Threads. All you need is a simple design to create a stencil, some mesh fabric, an embroidery hoop and ink! Check it out…it is awesome! You can print on t shirts, the hem of a dress or skirt, on onesies (for baby, not for you…although I remember the adult version a long, long time ago…), print on fabric and use in a sewing project, or on paper. The possibilities are endless! Thanks AP for your tutorial!

simple screen printing


One response to “Simple Screen Printing

  1. That is great. Thanks for the link. We had a “Graphic Arts” course in high school in Cranbrook. Fortunately at that time there was a teacher right into it. We hand cut silk screens as well as having a photo silk screen machine. I loved that course, a full semester of photography(actually developing film!), silk screening, drawing designs. You just brought back some great memories!
    I’m going to have to start coming on Wednesday night so I have a place to get back into doing the things I love to do. Creating stuff!

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