Should I Attend Forever Fernie?

I already know the answer to that question but I’m going to plan a little debate with all the people of Fernie to see what they say and then reveal what I had already planned from the very beginning.

WOAH. That was cynical.

But this is how I feel sometimes about town meetings. It’s like they want you to have an opinion and voice it, and you’ll probably feel better just having said the words you needed to say, but they most likely already have the answer.

Terrible. I know. I could be wrong about the whole thing – this is only a feeling I had recently after the beehive and chicken town hall meeting. The City gathered people together to discuss the pros and cons of keeping bees and chickens in residential backyards and not one single reasonable case came up against chickens and it was in the end denied. Well! That’s interesting. Maybe the woman who stood up and dreamed up a world of Fernie overrun by chickens really was the one case that stuck in the heads of city council members…or I guess there was the mention of bear attractants as well. Bah.

Prepare yourselves for a twist in the story…

Now I’m going to say that I think going to the Forever Fernie community development planning discussion event thing this weekend is still important. Maybe they have a plan already or maybe they don’t. Either way, I plan on making Fernie my home for a while (who knows what the future may bring) and I think I’d like to have a say or sit quietly and observe all that is discussed regarding a town that I am about to raise a child in. Eventually the young people of the area are going to have to get involved and interested in what happens here (some do already, and I look up to these people because I’m not one of them and always hope that one day I will be.)

The City of Fernie has had a lot of problems getting people of the community out and interested in their council meetings and town hall meetings and so on… and I think I’d like to not be someone that just sits back and sees what’s happening and complains about it and then does nothing about it. I’ve been doing that for 33 years now (or probably a smaller chunk because I doubt I had much of an opinion on the local economy at the age of 5 or even 15.)

Maybe you agree with what I’ve said or maybe you haven’t. It doesn’t really matter. All I know is my own reality and even then, I wonder sometimes.


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