Weekend Getaway At Nipika Mountain Resort

Nipika Mountain Resort - cabins and meadowNipika Mountain Resort - wood heated hot tub and pondNipika Mountain Resort - Our CabinNipika Mountain Resort - Living and LoungingNipika Mountain Resort - full kitchen, making breakfastNipika Mountain Resort - Natural Bridge - Biking, Hiking, Cross Country TrailsNipika Mountain Resort - river, rod and leroy
Rod and I received a gift certificate for Nipika Mountain Resort as a wedding present last fall and we waited until spring to experience the mountain biking and disc golf versus the cross country and snowshoeing and we’re so glad we waited. Rod took in four mountain bike excursions, Leroy chased gophers all weekend and I soaked in way too much sun. I am crisp.

Nipika (located just outside Kootenay National Park – east of Radium Hot Springs, BC) is all about the eco/dog/laugh/sweat it out-friendly times. They are completely “off the grid” but don’t make you clean up in the pond…there is a full kitchen, running water, electricity all due to their own brilliant set up. They make use of all sorts of natural energy sources such as water and the sun and all the hot water is provided by a wood heated boiler that supports all the cabins. Nipika isn’t the sort of place you go to be pampered with spas and room service, you are completely self-sufficient here. It’s a resort for those who enjoy vacationing with their dogs, 50 km of trails, peace and quiet (minus the gopher’s squeaking) and unbelievable views.


One response to “Weekend Getaway At Nipika Mountain Resort

  1. Thanks for the quick bit about Nipika. We’re glad you enjoy your visit. I’ve featured your brief article on the Nipika FB page. Hopefully you, Rod and Leroy can visit again soon!

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