Preggers In Fernie – Prenatal Classes

Preggers In Fernie - Prenatal Classes in Fernie and Sparwood
Just a warning to all those couples due before October, 2011 and are interested in prenatal classes: there is only one scheduled prenatal class between now and your due date, offered through the hospital, for Sparwood and Fernie. There may be other independent classes offered through The Arts Station or Womb To Grow but I am not aware of them.

Through the Fernie Health Centre (Elk Valley Hospital), the final prenatal class schedule is: Wednesday, June 1st, 8th, 15th and 22nd from 7 to 9 pm.

The series includes information on: stages of labour, comfort measures, pain management and medical options, unexpected outcomes, supporting a woman in labour, port-partum adjustment, newborn care and safety, infant feeding, celebrating parenthood and a hospital tour. There is also a $70 fee but may be waived under special circumstances. You can register by calling 250-423-8288 or in person at Elk Valley Hospital, 1501 5th Ave.

If you do know of other options for prenatal classes or resources, let me know and I’ll update this post immediately. For instance, I saw a little print out at Cincott Cafe (way in the back by the washrooms) of  prenatal classes offered at The Arts Station but by the time I saw the poster the classes had already started.

Alternatively, if you’re going to have a doula and/or midwife with you at your the birth, I’m pretty sure he/she would offer you a more thorough and personalized prenatal class…but that is another subject for Preggers In Fernie that needs more than a little paragraph.

*** June 9th, 2011 Update ***

Rod and I went to our first prenatal class last night at the health unit in Fernie Hospital and I would have to say it was worth it. We learned quite a bit about various methods of intervention and pain reduction offered by hospitals and how each one works, with pros and cons. It was helpful information and not too overwhelming.

We missed the first class of four due to a scheduled vacation in Ontario but we were told that most of the information given was provided in the Baby’s Best Chance book (a free book to all expecting parents from the BC Government). Sue Bannatyne leads the classes and she’s great – engaging, friendly, encouraging. At the end of the class we got a quick tour of one of the labour rooms at the Fernie Hospital, which I was excited about because I didn’t know what Fernie had to offer.

5 responses to “Preggers In Fernie – Prenatal Classes

  1. Hi
    I am just wanting to find out when should we attend pre natal classes we are due end of sept
    Sincerely amore

    • Hey, Amore! I would contact the hospital (assuming you are in Fernie) to find out when the upcoming prenatal classes are scheduled. You can do it at any point during your pregnancy but it was recommended to me to attend at a time closer to the due date so the information is fresh. Most of the couples in our class were anywhere from 6 months to very near due. Good luck and congrats on your little awesome bundle!

  2. Thanks, Amanda, for the update! My due date is September 2nd so that’s a bit late for me…but not for others!

  3. Hey there! Just wanted to let you know that I spoke with the Health Unit and they’re going to be offering classes again around September. They don’t currently have a list for people to sign up, and asked that people call at the beginning of September to sign up.

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