The Project Room – Tuesday Etsy Finds

Athena Knibbs

Athena Knibbs - Tuesday Etsy Finds - Favorites
It has been a long time posting….I would like to blame it on a few things. The nice weather for sure doesn’t help with motivation to sit in front of the computer. The other, well my two busy boys make it difficult some times. Little Quinn can make quite a dash along the floor by alternating his ahem….butt cheeks in a rather comical and sweet fashion. He can sure move! I have also been sewing for the upcoming July 1st Mountain Market. At any rate, I am sure you all miss me. Haha…really, you must. So, to make up for my lack of posting check out some of my etsy favorites, including a few local talents, River Road Pottery and Patrick Markle. We have such amazing talent here! So let’s make this a fresh start and now Tuesdays will be our days to enjoy Etsy finds. Take care.


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