What We’ve Been Up To

So much has happened in the last month. Exactly one month ago today Phoenix Zofia Brink entered the world to a big cheering squad. Now summer has ended (you can tell by how hard the butter is to spread) and fall is falling. Where did 2011 go?

I also realized that I posted photos in Facebook for friends and family but I hadn’t put anything on my blog. Here we are, Blog, this is what we’ve been up to….

Phoenix – 1 day old
Phoenix Brink - 1 days old
Phoenix – The Little Dragon
Phoenix Brink - fire cracker
Lunch In James White Park – Dropping a load
Phoenix Brink and Leroy - Poo in James White Park
Me and My Girl – Cuddle Time
Brina and Phoenix - cuddle time
Bath Time
Bath time for Phoenix
Pumpkins Transformed Into Jack-O-Lanterns
Our Halloween Pumpkins - 2011
The Strange Dog That Ate Leroy’s Food One Day – Do you know him? He’s very sneaky.
Leroy's New Friend
There’s more to say and show but Phoenix is waking up and I must tend to her needs. I’ll be back.


5 responses to “What We’ve Been Up To

  1. Hi Brina! Congrats…Pheonix is gorgeous….so very perfectly sweet…..

  2. We are doing well, Katya! Adjusting and loving it. Thanks! And I’m glad you can’t hear her crying because that could get real annoying.

  3. she is extremely lovely (although I don’t hear her crying :) )) hope you are all doing well!

  4. You should hear how hard she’s crying right now.

  5. What?! A Tweet yesterday, and then 2 weblog posts in the last 24 hrs. Poor Phoenix – so neglected.

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