Upcoming Events At Fernie Heritage Library

From Fernie Heritage Library:

far from botony bay by rosa jordan at Fernie Heritage LibraryOctober 25th:   Tuesday October 25th BC author and OBOK winner Rosa Jordan will read from Far From Botany Bay at 7:00 pm.

Far from Botany Bay’s Mary Broad is a resourceful leader of men in an era—the late 1700s—when a prisoner, never mind a woman, would find it almost impossible to be master of her own destiny. Yet Mary, confined to a prison colony a world away from her native Cornwall,  had the ingenuity to mastermind one of history’s most daring sea escapes, and the fortitude to overcome the hardships that stood between her and an eventual return to England.   Reader’s comments were enthusiastic about the novel, one person calling it “by far the best book I’ve read this year!”

Adventure, historical novel, page-turner – Rosa Jordan’s Far from Botany Bay is all these and more.

For more about Far from Botany Bay go to:

October 27th:  Thursday October 27th Wildlife Biologist, Park Warden and Author Karsten Heuer will speak at the library.

Finding Farley : Necessary Journeys – Over the past 10 years park ranger Karsten Heuer and his wife, Leanne Allison, have walked, paddled, skied and sailed over 10,000 kilometers in an attempt to better understand North American wildlife. In 1998 and 1999 they walked from Yellowstone to the Yukon; in 2003 they skied and trekked for five months amidst a herd of 123,000 caribou; and in 2007 they canoed and sailed with their two-year-old son across the country to visit one of their ageing heroes, author Farley Mowat. What did they learn in all those travels? Come out for an evening of insightful stories and wisdom told by Karsten but sourced from the land itself.

Necessary Journeys - Finding Farley Route


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