Fernie Mom – Things Around The House

Fernie Mom - Water1. Water For Moms. In the beginning, when Phoenix was first born, I experienced a thirst like I’ve never known before. It was unquenchable. There were glasses of water everywhere, in every room, and it wasn’t to combat aliens. This thirst did deplete quite a bit by the time she was 3 months old but I still have a glass of water by my bed and in the living room at all times. Sometimes I get a little crazy and put a lemon in it. I know. Slow down there, Brina.

2. Lotion For Hands. I don’t think I’ve ever washed my hands as much as I do now that I have a little baby. I wash my hands so much they were dry, cracking and I even had a little rash at one point. I’ve now put lotion in the bathroom, kitchen, office, living room, bedroom and still it will never be where I need it to be.fernie mom - dry hands - lotion

3. Camera For Photo Albums. I know this is not a brilliant moment to be saying “try and have a camera handy”… but I always have one around and I am glad I do because I’ve started her albums and it’s already so much fun going through and seeing how much she’s changed in 5 months. This is something my mom did for me and I’m so thankful she did. I have about ten albums from my childhood that I frequently flipped through at various times in my life. fernie mom - camera and photo albums

We have a printer at home to print off our photos but in Fernie I only know of a photo kiosk thing at Extra Foods for quick printing.

4. Pillows For Posture. In our living room I have pillows of all shapes and sizes for nursing. It’s helped my back, shoulders, legs and general comfortableness as I hold Phoenix for as little as ten minutes and, in the beginning, up to an hour and a half. I just mention this, mostly, because I noticed that different shapes and styles of pillows have different roles and I really enjoy each and every one of them. Another important feature is to have a pillow cover that you can take off and clean when he/she poops, pees and/or throws up on it. Around Fernie I believe Grow (on 2nd Ave) would have the Boppy type pillows but for the other fun support pillows, I’m not sure where you would go. Maybe Extra Foods, Canadian Tire, Livery Home, IGS, Sears? I just used the throw pillows I’ve collected over the years.fernie mom - nursing pillows

Happy mom brilliance to you! Feel free to let me know of your own needs around the house. There are so many – like lots and lots of food in the pantry, freezer and fridge is a must, a calendar to quickly write down all her new amazing developments and piles and piles of blankets for when she spits up.


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