Fernie Mom – A Few Surprises Along the Way

Who knew all the little things that would pop up with a new born. We experienced and learned from a few good ones in the past five months:

marker drawing of baby feet and a hand1. Diaper Rash – red, sore looking skin on your baby’s bottom – totally our faults. We cleaned her up in our bathroom, where her change table is located, with a wash cloth (instead of wipes) and we would put a new diaper on her and off we go. If we had just let her air dry we wouldn’t have had the problem at all. We also have on hand some zinc cream in case it pops up again. There are different causes of diaper rash but since we started air drying, we haven’t had the issue return…unless we start rushing things again.

2. Heat Rash – When Phoenix was about 2 or 3 weeks old we started seeing little red bumps on her face and I looked it up immediately to find out it was Heat Rash. Heat Rash is fairly common for infants and can flare up in hot, humid weather. It wasn’t particularly hot and humid in September but we figured she was just a hot baby. If we put too many layers of clothes and blankets on her, the heat rash would be so bad. It got the point where we couldn’t lay her on our chests because we caused each other to over heat within minutes. So we tried our best to keep her warm but not hot, and for her that meant being in a short sleeve onesie when we were comfortable in a long sleeve or even a sweater.

3. Cradle Cap – The Cradle Cap, yellowish and dry, scaly skin on her scalp,  has been there from the beginning and we haven’t done much about it since we found out it doesn’t bother her and will, most likely, go away on it’s own (and it is). It’s not the most attractive but it’s not horrible either. Apparently a little bit of olive oil on her scalp for 15 minutes can help remove it.

marker drawing of trees and stroller4. Colic – Is it Colic? Or is she just an emotional baby? We don’t know. All we know is she cried a lot and the only way to stop it was to move her around. For a little over 3 months Phoenix was rocked, walked or swayed. And then one day, around 13 weeks, she just calmed down. We were able to just sit and hang out together, without any crying. It was glorious! Some people asked us how we did it and really, you just get through it, one day at a time.

It certainly helped to:
• Work as a team. Rod would come home from work and give me the break I desperately needed and then, after about an hour, I was good again.

• Let her sleep. It did help that she is a really good sleeper so we got a good break at night but we found when she had a good nap or two during the day she was a much happier baby. Things got better once she started napping in her crib too.

marker drawing of baby bath and rubber duck• Find out what makes her happy and use it. Phoenix really enjoyed walks (movement in general), baths (being in water in general) and time on the change table. We did those three things as often as we could.

• Enjoy those little smiles because it’s the smiles you get in between the crying that makes it all worth it.

• Hang in there. It gets better and better and better.

5. Thrush – We noticed these white spots in her mouth at around 2 months and the only reason for this, that I could find online, was Thrush and it was Thrush. To treat Thrush, an oral yeast infection, both myself and the baby had to be treated or else we’ll just pass it back and forth to each other. The treatment including shooting some sort of medicine into her mouth after every feeding and I had to rub on some cream after every feeding. This was very tedious and went on for over 3 weeks. It still had not completely disappeared after 3 weeks so we just went off everything and it went away on it’s own. I think the Thrush was the reason why Phoenix wasn’t gaining much weight – another thing we had to deal with, which wasn’t so bad – It just involved frequent trips to the hospital to track her weight gain (they have a baby weighing station that you can use at any time at the Fernie hospital). After it cleared up and her appetite came back full force, she started consistently gaining weight every week and the Thrush is gone.

6. Hip Dysplasia – Phoenix didn’t end up having Hip Dysplasia, a hip socket that doesn’t fully cover the joint, but our doctor sent us to Cranbrook to be 100% sure she didn’t. We saw a Pediatrician who examined her and then sent us to the hospital for x-rays and it came back perfect. PHEW! I’ve seen treatments for Hip Dysplasia, when they aren’t caught at a young age, and it doesn’t look fun.


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