A Sick Day For Phoenix Brink

A Sick Day for Amos McGee or Phoenix Brink
I ordered the book A Sick Day for Amos McGee just months after Phoenix was born and at exactly 6 months old we discovered what having a sick baby is like. I read this book to her a few times over the sick day (week.)

I know she has many more colds to come but this was our first and we didn’t like it at all. She had this smokers cough and a constant runny nose (that she didn’t want us to wipe at all) and night time was the worst. The poor thing was struggling to breathe through her nose (her favorite) and she would throw up to clear her throat (I think). For us, as parents, to not be able to ask her what she’s feeling or what she needs, it was heart breaking. All we could do was just be there for her and support her and love her and cry a little on the inside. But we survived it and Phoenix is back to her screaming self and I couldn’t be happier to put those ear plugs in.

To treat her cold and try and make life more comfortable, Rod and I did a few things that we read in our books and online.
• Kept her slightly elevated.
• Humidified her room.
• Didn’t wipe her nose every time she needed it. It just caused even more trouble.
• Lots of liquids – breast feeding. Took a break with the solids.
• Lots of naps.
• Lots of hugs and kisses.

It was also recommended to use Saline and that turkey baster thing in her nostrils to help clear it out to make breast feeding easier for her. We never ended up using it though.

By the way, I love the book A Sick Day For Amos McGee. It’s about this zoo keeper who is friends with various animals at the zoo and one day he wakes up sick and his friends are there to be with him. It’s really cute and I love the illustration style.

As you can see below, Phoenix loves books.
Phoenix Loves Books


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