Fernival In Fernie, According To Brina

April Wine, PDA, hangers, rock’n out, fatty steaks from Back Country Meats that burst our whole bbq into flames, races across the backyard and then early to bed = Fernival Weekend.

There’s still the Slope Soaker to come. I’m not sure we can handle all this goodness in one weekend.

Fernival Weekend - Andre and Toby at April WineToby, Andre and Marni made it out for the free outdoor show too.

April Wine at Fernie Alpine Resort. The sun came out just as they started to play.

Fernival Weekend - Phoenix loving April Wine“Put it up to eleven!” says Phoenix.

Fernival Weekend - Emma and Al PDA“Get a room!” shouts the neighbours.

Fernival Weekend - Poor Leroy - Stuck like this for a long time.Poor thing. He was like this for a couple minutes, just starring at me as if he was saying “help. me.” So I take a picture.

Fernival - Could have been a lady.I think we know what Phoenix is going to be when she’s older… Stay tuned.


One response to “Fernival In Fernie, According To Brina

  1. Rochelle MacKenzie

    Andre!! I have been looking for you for years! No facebook?! Rochelle here.

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