Music Break :: Patrick Krief

Patrick Krief
Patrick Krief is coming to Fernie for a little intimate show at The Arts Station on Tuesday, September 11th. He’s a handsome man with handsome songs to accompany his handsome voice. Tickets can be purchased at The Arts Station, Freshies, and Carosella. Before we get to business time, I asked him why he chose to play in Fernie and he said “Someone told me it was a fun place to play. I had a day off that day, and I will ALWAYS choose to play rather than having a day off. So, I asked my agent to book Fernie! And that is how THAT went down.”

Let’s prove to Patrick how great this town is to play in.

Tuesday, September 11th at 8:00pm
Members: Adult $15 youth $10 / Non-members: Adult $20 Youth $14

From Patrick’s Press Release: Toronto, ON – July 24, 2012 – A piece of music can be listened to over and over – understood and loved by its listener. And then the piece is heard live, and another level of understanding and appreciation is opened up. This is indeed true for Krief. Through the live performance of his music, you can see with your own eyes the skill and talent he has as a musician, and the passion he has for his song‐writing as he belts out the heart felt, intensely personal lyrics. Armed with a collection of 10 soul bearing tracks from his latest solo offering, Hundred Thousand Pieces, Krief is ready to hit the road and take his music to the masses. Kicking off in Winnipeg, MB on September 5, he will head west on a nine‐city Canadian tour, bringing his songs to life on the stage.

Guitarist for The Dears, Patrick Krief made his frontman mark with his solo project Black Diamond Bay. The April 2012 release of Hundred Thousand Pieces (Pirates Blend), presented the Montrealer at his finest, with beautifully heartbreaking, cinematic arrangements, and soulful lyrics and songwriting. Though Krief performed almost everything himself during the recording of the album (drums, piano, keys, bass, guitar, percussion, and vocals), he takes to the stage with a full band during his live shows, kicking his ornately instrumental music up a notch, creating a fuller, rocking sound, jam‐packed with soul. Have a look at Krief’s online concert series for a little taste of his music live off the floor.

Hundred Thousand Pieces is a culmination of a journey that began at the knee of his musically inclined uncle, where a young Patrick scratched at the six strings his older self would master. It is an expedition that truly took flight when, influenced by the songbooks of McCartney, Lennon, Harrison and Hendrix, the 13‐year‐old guitar prodigy would sneak into bars around his native Montreal, jamming with their house bands; it is one that continues to mature with every face‐melting flurry the virtuoso burns into the blown minds of audiences around the world.


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