A Slow And Painful Death

That’s it. I’ve decided I am now done with Small Town Social The Blog. It’s been a slow and painful death since early 2011 and I shall end this blog today in a dignified manner, although, I think it’s too late for that.

It’s been fun.

I’ll keep the blog live because it’s free and I have a lot of good memories on here but my Small Town Social Twitter account is still active because I kind of enjoy Twitter; so if you need me, and you really don’t, I’ll be there.

Thanks! Later.


4 responses to “A Slow And Painful Death

  1. Well…boo! I’ll miss ya!

  2. I’m glad you’re keeping it live. A good chunk of my life is featured on here, which is important as my memory is shite. Who knows, maybe a post-babies revival is in store! But by then the blogosphere may not exist. But at least this time capsule remains intact.

  3. Dennis Djonlich

    Thanks for your support for all things local and the Vogue! Lord knows we could all use the help! Enjoy motherhood. Its a wild ride!

  4. Well I miss your updates and will now have to pay attention to the community event better. I may even use my twitter account! Who knew. Thanks for all your great work and sense of humor.

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