It Only Took Me Three Years To Figure It Out – Families Trading Time For Free Time

babysit exchange - jade drawing
I heard of the idea of Tradesies (I made that name up) where you just exchange your time for some free time. So, you babysit someone’s kid(s) for a couple hours and they’ll do the same back. The exchange is brilliant for a few reasons. Let me tell you what they are:
1. A good number of families in Fernie do not have extended family support. Meaning, we don’t have any family around. I don’t. Our families are in Ontario and it would be quite expensive for Grandma to come out for a couple hours so Rod and I could get some sushi at Yamagoya. This means you rely a lot on your friends.
2. Your friends will say to you “I can babysit any time.” and they mean it but they’re not always available (obviously) and when you use one person frequently you start to feel a bit of guilt. I do. I can make them dinner but I still just feel like a burden sometimes.
3. It’s free, other than your time and, quite honestly, I could spend a few less hours in front of the TV and more time drawing. Plus, staying at home with the kids doesn’t pay much so being able to contribute to date night feels nice.
4. Tradesies is guilt free. It’s a perfect situation of exchanged time for some free time and Rod and I love going out for dinner. I can taste the yam rolls already.


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