What I thought About : Until I Find You by John Irving

Until I Find You by John IrvingIf I’m going to display what books I am reading (right side bar) then I might as well put a little bit about what I thought about the book when I’m done, even though I’ve no knowledge of what makes a book a good book. I’ll give it a try.

With Until I find You by John Irving I found myself feeling very uncomfortable with the situations the lead character Jack Burns found himself in, from when he was a little boy to his adulthood. And not just Jack Burns, his mother Alice and, let me think, every character in the book made me feel a little bit uncomfortable at some point. Feeling uncomfortable isn’t such a bad thing, I do realize that. We live in a society of needing politeness and everyone to be fair and giving and following a certain way of life but not a single person in this book lives that way and I found that to be really refreshing.

As I start to write this out I realize I could just get deep into it but I don’t really want to do that and feel like I need to for every book here on. So I’ll let you know that I liked it. I liked the characters and how special they were all written to be. You know those people in your life that stick out and you don’t forget them? I feel like John Irving wanted all the characters in this book to be eccentric.

His books always seem to deal with love and relationships and family relations and I like that about them. That’s why I read his books. They’re easy and fun and remind you how important love, forgiveness and acceptance is.

And that is my uneducated opinion.


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