What I Thought About : The Fallen by Stephen Finucan

The Fallen by Stephen FinucanStephen Finucan is a friend of mine and he published his debut novel The Fallen back in 2009. It took me 6 years to read it. Shameful!

Maybe I was nervous reading a book from someone I knew. What if I didn’t like it? Well, I did! I wasn’t exactly up for a post-war tragedy but I quickly got over that.

It’s set in Naples just after liberation and liberation apparently means chaos. I would be terrified to live in a place and time such as this. The characters are all intertwined in this book about survival and searching for meaning in a life that appears hopeless and empty. Some people come out on top and others are just at the bottom with no way of getting out. It’s sad but even at a time when there doesn’t seem to be much to live for, there’s always something or someone that is a shining light.

I can’t say I love the ending. You get so attached to people and you want to see things happen and when they don’t you kind of understand why but it still sucks. It sounds like I ruined the ending but I didn’t.

And that’s my uneducated opinion.


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