Family Dinner At Loaf Bakery

loaf bakery - sandwich board

What a perfect night to go to Loaf Bakery, downtown Fernie, for dinner with the family. Phil invited us to dine at Loaf Bakery and it was a perfect night out with delicious food and live music in a place that felt like home. The night started off quiet (perfect for kids who are teething and hungry) and by the end the place was full and bustling (perfect for kids who are teething and cranky).

loaf bakery - live music and dinner loaf bakery - kid's pizza

Everyone ordered a pizza, even though the pastas and burger of the night all sounded amazing, but I hadn’t tried their pizza yet and I heard good things. My Chicken Pesto pizza was brilliant – a great flaky, crunchy crust to go with the rich flavours of the pizza. Rod’s pizza, Pipeline, had a good kick to it and made his nose run all evening long but he was smiling at the same time. That’s a good thing.

Dessert was ordered and our beers were finished and everyone left happy and ready for bed. I love going to restaurants that make dining with children easy.

loaf bakery - hand crafted pizza loaf bakery - picking a dessert


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