What To Do When The Kids Need To Be Isolated…

making and decorating the paper boats

I can’t believe all the fun stuff kids get to go through when they’re small. Right now we’re in the end and middle of Hand, Foot & Mouth Disease (HFMD). It’s a contagious illness that causes a rash on their hands, feet and mouth. We’re out of the fever and under the weather stage and now we just need to wait out the rest of the 10 days. I didn’t even know HFMD existed until last year. The things you learn when you become a parent.

So we needed something to do that is away from other kids and a little creative and fun. Paper boats, of course! I quickly looked up how to make the paper boats, thanks wikihow, and after a few scribbles were put on each piece of paper, the boats took shape. We were all very excited to be out in the fresh air to see the boats set sail. Little did they know, the boats don’t have motors or anyone directing them so they were a little disappointed when two of them immediately sank and the third one set off and got stranded on a stick after a couple minutes. We plucked them out of the freezing water, ate our snack and went home to get some hot chocolate. Now what do we do tomorrow…

paper boats down the river paper boats down the river


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