Life Drawing Class – Drop In

Dynamic Life Drawing Classes on Wednesday nights continue on until April 29th. Such a challenging but rewarding class. $20 drop in or get a pass. Basement of Knox United Church, 201 2nd Ave.

s a v i n g k n o t s

Life Drawing Class - Fernie BC - Warm Up To Final Pose

Going to a dynamic life drawing class is different than sitting down at a table to draw for an hour at home. Anna made sure we all warm up first – something I never do. She reminded us to breath – apparently, I forget to do this. You’re encouraged to push beyond what you feel comfortable with – instead of getting tired and uninspired so you turn on the TV to watch Last Man On Earth (such a good show, by the way.) It’s a nice way to relax, create, get lost in a feeling and to be okay with what you have on your page.

My friend told me she likes to go home and take an hour to look at what she’s created throughout the class. In looking at your pieces you can see how you want to progress from there. You can see a pattern in what…

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