Fernie Mom : The Puddle Jumper

swimming with toddlers - puddle jumper

Have you ever struggled with something, whether it’s an activity or point of view or a habit, and then someone comes along and says six little words like “Have you tried a Puddle Jumper?” And from that moment on your life will never be the same.

I was expressing my stress and struggle with my two kids at the pool when a friend of mine said those exact words to me and since that moment we have purchased not one but two Puddle Jumpers. Both of our kids thrive with this amazing flotation device in the water. They’re more confident, they can move around on their own and they’re happier. If you have kids who aren’t at the age where they can safely swim on their own or if you have two young active children and you’re finding it difficult to watch both of them on your own, maybe this is your life changing moment. Have you tried a Puddle Jumper?

We bought ours at Canadian Tire in Fernie. If they don’t have them out on the shelves you just need to ask someone about them and they’ll go in the back and grab them.

I would, however, like to talk to a swim coach to see what they think about Puddle Jumpers. Maybe next time I’m at the Fernie Aquatic Centre I’ll try and talk to someone about it.


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