Secret Businesses : Micro Homes and More Than Soap

Hummingbird Micro HomesHummingbird Micro Homes : This is the first time I heard of this business! Apparently, these micro homes are built in Fernie. I love the idea of a tiny home but I don’t see how it would work considering how much we love collecting things. Not hoarding! Collecting. The best part is, Hummingbird Micro Homes specializes in homes on wheels. Again, I love the idea and, maybe, in a few years this is how we’ll be living.

Homespun Soaps, Butters, Balms, etc in Fernie BCHomespun Soap : soaps, soy candles, body butters, bath salts and bombs, foot balm, bathroom and kitchen scrubs. I thought she just did soap! I had no idea the variety of products made by Katharine. You can purchase Homespun Soap locally at Fernie Arts Co-op and I’m not sure where else other than at the market.

Secret Businesses aren’t very secret, they’re just new to me and I’m passing on the information like a good blogger.


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