Confessions Of A Lazy Person : Living In Fernie

Calling myself “lazy” is probably a little over the top but when I go anywhere in Fernie I’ll find the most active, toned, smiley people on the planet with two kids running around them, playing cooperatively, and a healthy homemade packed snack ready to go. Sometimes I just feel super lazy when I’m really just comparing myself to what I see in Rotary Park – behind the scenes I’m sure there’s all sorts of chaos I don’t see.

Plus, Fernie is home to a world-renown ski resort, a troop of mountain bikers, millions of yoga enthusiasts, marathon runners and hula hoopers who hula hoop on their SUPs. How can I compete with that?! Well, the truth is I shouldn’t be competing with anyone, I know that. I am I! I should shout it from the mountain top – except I’m too lazy to get ALL the way up there. It’s very high up there.

confessions of a lazy person - living in fernie bc

This lazy Fernie lady, myself, has recently taken up running. I used to look at those people who were jogging on the spot as I idle in my Subaru at the stop light and think “I’m so glad that’s not me.” And now I am that person, except, I have sworn not to wear spandex no matter how amazing I look in the future. It all happened so fast. I was talking with this girl at one of the kids’ programs and we started talking about how out of shape we felt and bing! bang! boom! we started running together.

To tell you the truth, I’m not even hoping for an amazing body (don’t tell anyone but I kind of don’t hate my body), nor am I wanting to count calories or weight myself at any point but I want to feel stronger. I also think it’s good for my heart and my brain and my almost 38 year old bones.

So there you have it. I’m going to be out there learning how to run longer than 1 minute and a half. We’ll see how this goes.


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