Easter Weekend In Fernie

The Runs

It’s always nice to see The Runs and this time our little kids got to feel to power of Fernie’s Number 2 band.

The Runs at Fernie Alpine Resort

Art Shows

Not one but two art shows to attend on Saturday night. I went out alone but I saw so many friendly faces I didn’t feel like I was alone for one second. My first stop was Aileen and Kari’s art show. It was a great show with a top notch bartender that made it even better. Great art. Great people. Then I tagged along with some friends to Laura Nelson’s night at Fernie Museum and saw some of her new landscape work. If Fernie loves anything it’s mountains and trees and I get it because they’re both so beautiful.

Easter weekend - art shows - Laura Nelson

Easter Egg Making & Hunting

We are finally at the age where I can take my 3 year old through a craft from start to finish and she’ll stay interested. It took quite a few steps to get our Easter eggs ready. We food dyed the eggs first, painted them and then we hunted them. I’ve never decorated eggs before, especially using a food dye, but it ended up looking amazing. The hardest part was the waiting between stages and the egg hunt. The best thing I could have done was put the eggs in plain sight, although I thought I did, because they couldn’t find them at all. I had to give hint after hint and then I ended up pointing right to them.

Easter Weekend In Fernie - Dying and painting eggs Easter Weekend In Fernie - hiding the easter eggs Easter Weekend In Fernie - egg hunt with the kids

The Livery Brunch

We FINALLY made it out to The Livery for the Sunday Brunch and ended up paying $6 for two cups of coffee we didn’t even get to drink because our kids were out of control and they didn’t have a high chair for our 1 year old who needs to be contained. It was beyond frustrating but we will be back! Next time with no children.


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