Cassandra Clean – I Like Her Postcards

cassandra clean - fernie cleaning services

This postcard for Cassandra Clean really stood out to me. They did a good job of designing something that looks fun, casual and, most importantly, clean. I’d hire you!


3 responses to “Cassandra Clean – I Like Her Postcards

  1. That is so awesome thanks! We are definitely in the market to expand as we have been in Fernie now for a little over a year and half. Its always hard to get going at first. Here is my website for now…

    Please feel free to pass it along!
    I like your page, i just discovered it by accident today when i googled “cassandra clean fernie” just to see if there was any traffic going around. How funny!

  2. Aww thanks! Im currently trying to get my site up and running. Any but of help with spreading the word it very helpful. Thanks so much for your comment!

    • Well, you’re the one that stood out so you must be doing something right. Nice work! I’ll keep on talking about you – just let me know if you have any news etc and I’ll spread the word.

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