Confessions Of A Lazy Person : Running Attire

I’ve talking about running clothes before (how I refuse to wear spandex anything) and I’ve decided it needs to be discussed. When I started running I already had a few essentials : runners, sweat pants, shirts, socks and a sporty looking zip up hoody thing. I thought that was a good start…. in fact, I thought it was too good. In my head I wonder what people did before the days of wicking and super breathable fabrics. Did many runners die from sweat? Sounds dangerous. And what did people do before shoes weren’t able to get pumped up? They probably didn’t run very well.

I saw a couple guys in the past few weeks running in their every day clothes and I was like “yeah you are!” In my head. I wanted to be just like them. I felt over dressed for running in my slightly less every day clothes. There has to be a place in the middle. Running clothes that don’t say “hey look at me.! I’m a runner!”

Right now, I’m a little concerned about the warm weather approaching. My fuzzy lined sweat pants are going to start hurting my feeling very soon and I’m going to have to find an alternative. Running shorts? Do I have to? Is it really a horrible thing to cut an old pair of jeans and run in those? Why? I guess I’ll find out and let you know why people don’t do this.


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