Secret Business : Crumbs Cakery & Cafe

Crumbs Cakery & Cafe in Fernie BC - Opening Soon

Well, this excites me! Crumbs Cakery & Cafe is opening up downtown Fernie very soon (if not already…I haven’t been downtown in a few days). It’s a good thing I started running and taking Pilates classes.

The craziest part of this business is the owner has 4 kids! I can barely find time to paint with my own 2 kids, let alone run a business. Amy is my hero.

Check out their website :


2 responses to “Secret Business : Crumbs Cakery & Cafe

  1. Excellent! Good luck on your grand opening. My friend was just saying last week how there is no where to buy a fresh cupcake in Fernie….and then I saw you were opening. Funny.

  2. Thanks so much Brina! We will be open on Wednesday!!!!

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