Views Of Fernie : Fernie Miner’s Walk

fernie bc - city hall

When I bike to and back from downtown Fernie I like to take different routes and that’s not always easy because Fernie isn’t that big. Side Note: Biking on back alleys is a great way to see another side of the city. Somehow I had always missed the Fernie Miner’s Walk at City Hall, until last week. It ended up being a fantastic place for the kids to explore and since my 3 year old is very interested in bugs at the moment, it was a pleasant surprise to see all the hidden bugs thoughout the rocks. They loved it and declared we should come back again one day. Once the flowers and other plants are at their fullest, I’m sure this little walk will be a fantastic spot to visit. I didn’t get a chance to read any of the displays but that might have to wait until I can be sure the kids won’t run onto the road when I look away for 10 seconds. In about 10 years then?

fernie bc - fernie miner's walk - ants


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