An Independent Drawing Club

Independent Drawing Club - Fernie BC

I just wanted to share this great little group that has recently started up. I’m calling it the independent drawing club because it’s just a group of people who want to get together and draw/paint.

It all started after Anna Weston decided to leave Fernie, which meant our Dynamic Life Drawing class was coming to an end. A few of the life drawing students organized these Thursday (every other week) drawing nights at The Arts Station. There have only been two, so far, and each night has featured a new technique or lesson but you are also free to come and draw or paint or do whatever it is that you do. Some times it’s nice just to be around other people who love to create.

It’s free, as long as you have a membership to The Arts Station. Everyone is welcome! If you’re interested, let me know and I’ll get you more details.


2 responses to “An Independent Drawing Club

  1. Hi Brina!!! Im so excited for all of you! It is so wonderful that the drawing/creative group is up running, alive and well. Thinking of all of you :) x

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