What I Thought Of : In The Shadows Of The Mosquito Constellation By Jennifer Ellis

In The Shadows Of The Mosquito Constellation by Jennifer EllisAnother Accidental Book Club suggestion, and the meeting was last night so I can talk about now, In the Shadows of the Mosquito Constellation by Jennifer Ellis.

Oh my goodness! The designers of this book packed as many words into one page as they could, which was probably good because it made the book look less daunting, but it took me forever to finish the book.  It’s a strange thing to love a book and feel like you’re not progressing. But I was interested in the idea behind the book – peak oil has run out and the world has switched to survival mode. The book centers around these people on a remote farm around Vernon, BC and what they do to survive attacks, diseases, find and grow food and also build a new society that is sustainable and good is thrilling. In the middle of it all, people are still trying to figure out regular life problems such as finding love, losing trust, family issues and broken friendships.

The book reminded me so much of The Walking Dead because it is a similar scenario, but in this case the zombies are corrupt and heartless humans. The things that frustrated me were the times when the people on the farm didn’t stand up for themselves – which also exposed a little bit of who I would become if I was in that situation. Rafe would have to go!

The ending was not my favorite but I can see why she wrote it the way she did…I think.

Jennifer Ellis, I hear, self published this book and sadly, because of that, I had decided before I started it that the book wasn’t going to be very good but I was so glad I was wrong and I hope I learned a little lesson on unfounded judgements.

I believe this book is at the Fernie Heritage Library, if you’re interested in reading it.

And that’s in my uneducated opinion.


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