What I Thought Of : Lost & Found By Brooke Davis

Novel - Lost and Found by Brooke DavisLost & Found by Brooke Davis was picked up at the Fernie Heritage Library because other books I wanted weren’t in…and as I scanned the New Releases section, this one stood out. I was looking for something light and friendly and what I found was something a little twisted and odd. A little girl, around the age of 7, was abandoned at a department store by her mother (that’s incredibly sad!) only to be discovered and helped by a couple of senior citizens.

What I love about this book is how the two elders were written. One was an 82 year old shut in who only left her house after years and years to begrudgingly help the little girl. The other, an 87 year old man who escaped a nursing home to finally begin living. These two were my favorites. They were quirky and lived a life the way they wanted to live it and didn’t care too much about anyone or anything else. Now in their eighties, they have discovered that they aren’t useless and still want adventure in their lives…and can still love, find new friends and be someone you can count on.

I think about my Oma, who is in a nursing home and sits in front of her tv all day and night. She doesn’t do much unless the nurses force her out of her room for some fun (“fun” being playing bingo or doing a puzzle). How excited would I be if I found out my Grandmama has ditched the place and can’t be found? Very excited…although, I hope she brings a sweater.

I enjoyed this book and I’m excited to get old and start a new adventure when I’m in my 80s.

And that’s in my uneducated opinion.


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