Views Of Fernie : September to Now

It’s been a wonderful and busy time since September 1st struck. My posts have slowed down a bit because life does that sometimes. Here are some highlights of the last month…
Fernie BC - busy bear season this fall
The bears are out there and it’s causing a lot of stress in the town. An issue that certainly needs to be reviewed.

Fernie - Christian Bok Booked Series
Christian Bok at Fernie Heritage Library for the Booked! Series was a very interesting night.

Fernie Harvest Feast by Chef Barrie was amazing!

A night away at Island Lake Lodge for our 5 year anniversary.

Preschoolers make jam!

Gorgeous Maiden Lake views.

Max Turyk Playground.

After waiting four months for my morning glory to blossom, I only got one flower to admire before the frost killed it.

I’ve been busy creating a new drawing series! I’m calling it Shy Girl, but this is Muse.

Shy Girl in colour! Shy Girl is what occupies my mind the second I can stop thinking about the kids.


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