Happy 6 Year Anniversary, Small Town Social,

6 years! That’s something else. You know, when I started Small Town Social I was new to the area and I was a little used to being in the city where information is at your finger tips. If I wanted to go out at any night in Vancouver I knew where to look to find out who was playing, what was opening, where to eat, what was new and so on. Then I moved to Fernie and information was not so easy to find. In fact, there were many events I missed that I would would have loved to attend had I had just known about it…little violins commence. Fast forward 6 more years and WOW Fernie has changed so much. There are more resources for getting the information out there and more people are getting involved. About three or four years ago I watching a Fernie city council meeting online and the Mayor said something very non supportive of social media and in 2015 City of Fernie is spreading the word on Facebook, Twitter and they have their own website that is frequently updated with news. It’s amazing to see and I am thankful for everyone that encouraged the movement. Of course, it’s not just the city that has embraced the power of the internet, so many local businesses are online and getting creative with it. I love it. At the same time, it makes my job a little less necessary. There is E-Know, Fernie Fix, Fernie Tourism, The Free Press, and a little things like Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, all sharing important information about this amazing valley. But don’t fear, this isn’t an I’m-taking-another-break message, I just need to adapt and find a new reason to post. That’s the only way to survive. You can join me in this journey or keep getting your updates using any of the resources mentioned above. I can’t wait to see what Small Town Social is on the 10 year anniversary.


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