Confessions Of A Lazy Person : Variety Is Spicy

It’s December and I’m still running! I am more surprised than you probably are. I was only supposed to run for a couple weeks and then give up on it. Look at me. Sticking to something. Who am I?! Maybe it’s the new 38 year old version of me. I try something and keep doing it, even when it burns my legs and ass.

So lately I’ve been trying to do other things because running is good but I’m starting to want more variety. I’ve taken to the sit bikes, which, to be honest, I thought were pretty silly looking, but they make me make noises I didn’t think I would make (mostly, just heavy breathing, in case you didn’t know what I was talking about) and my glutes really burn – something I don’t feel when running. So I do that.

I’m also still enjoying the Pilates, when I can make it to the Tuesday night class (which is just before bedtime so it doesn’t always work out) and then I go over to the weights and make stuff up or I pick up the jump rope and pretend I’m 10 again.

What I’m trying to get at is, I’m enjoying a little bit more than running these days. I miss my running partner and the good conversations we had but I’m hoping she’ll get on the Vitality train too and maybe we’ll have those conversations on the side by side treadmills…with music pumping in the background and maybe some Bob’s Burgers on the TV for extra fun. Crossing my fingers now.


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