Star Wars, Take Two


Having heard that the opening night of Star Wars in Fernie didn’t sell out, we sauntered in at 6:45 last Sunday not expecting anything but a joyous theatre experience.

“Sold out? Come again?”

Let’s go back a few minutes…we had just eaten a large dinner, our babysitter and dear friend came over, something we generally don’t do often, and we biked downtown expecting to go out for a bite and drink after the movie.

Well, not wanting to put a downer on our night out, we walked over to Nevados for a few very tasty drinks and some great conversation. Things were looking up. It was only 8:30 when we came up with the idea of biking over to Yamagoya for some little bites and a few more drinks. So we do just that and run into a bunch of familiar faces. Oh, Fernie, I love ya. Rod and I got a booth (score), some more tasty drinks (yum) and awesome food. Interesting fact, for all those who bike or walk to Yamagoya, they aren’t taking off 10% your bill anymore. I’m off track here – a great night it was even without Star Wars.

The reason I mention all of this is we are going to try this once again tonight. It’s Sunday again, I realize that, but this time we’re going to try and get our tickets early and we’re not eating dinner in advance. We’re quick learners. Plus, this time we have friends joining us for the ride. Double date! Double trouble!



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