Confessions Of A Lazy Person : I’m Fitting In

When I moved to Fernie 8 years ago I had only been on a ski hill once in my life (Mt Washington on Vancouver Island when I tried to learn how to snowboard that one day) and now I can say I’ve been twice!

I have all sorts of great excuses as to why I haven’t been skiing or snowboarding : money, time, lack of desire, I didn’t grow up with a skiing family, a faint memory of how bad my body felt after that one day snowboarding etc..

i think all my excuses are valid but now that I have kids, most of my excuses can no longer be used and I feel more pressure than ever before to get on the hill for the sake of the children.

So I did it. I went skiing and I showed my children that I can try new things too.

I don’t think the kids cared that much in the end. In fact, my 4 year old was quite bored after a couple minutes while I did the mighty moose over and over again.  So I went inside and enjoyed hot chocolate. It was just what I deserved for being a good skier.


2 responses to “Confessions Of A Lazy Person : I’m Fitting In

  1. Well, to tell you the truth, I don’t think I’ll ever catch up to my 4 yr old’s abilities AND their father might also disown them if that happened.

  2. I’m quite impressed. Now you need to get back on a snowboard so that you can keep up once your kids see the light.

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