Fernie On Instagram : Sarah Pike Featured On Pots In Action

Sarah Pike @sarahpikepottery makes pots in Fernie, British Columbia – a small town in the Canadian Rocky Mountains. “ I am interested in pottery with personality, beauty and attitude. The marks of the process, the slight distortion or off-round from a gentle hand, or the fingertips on glaze and slip are all part of a language with which my pots exclaim `I was not machine-made, I was not mass-produced, I was made by fingers and hands, in a small studio, by an artist listening to music, dreaming and making´ Because in a time of mass-production, consumer culture and waste, the handmade object brings us back to the intimacy of human nature” Reposting this great outdoor fika shot! @ezeth #PIAguesthostEvaZethraeus #PIAfika #sarahpike #outdoorfika #fika #fikainthewoods #sarahpike #ceramics #ceramic #kaffekopp #coffeecup #keramik #セラミックス #陶器 #קֵרָמִיקָה #céramique #cerámica #陶瓷 #도기류 #도예 #keramikk #craft #contemporarycraft #potsinaction

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Perhaps this happens a lot to Sarah Pike but this morning I was going through my Instagram feed when I saw this post featuring our fellow Fernian. I just had to share. She is becoming quite the voice in Canadian ceramics.


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