Fernie On Instagram : Driving Through Mt Fernie Provincial Park

After much contemplating I really have to post my work story. I work at Mt Fernie Provincial Park. This park as many know has a road going through it to Island Lake Lodge, one of the most beautiful places you can visit directly and completely by motor vehicle. It also accesses some major mountain bike trailheads. I am very disheartened to say that each day I work at the park that main road is heavily used by those who are in such a hurry to get where they are going that they have no regard for the speed limit or the campers that are camping along that road or the children that love to ride their bikes and play all throughout the park. As I am working I hear the giggles and laughter of children, visitors and local and the traffic of those that rip speeding into the park gaining as much speed between speed bumps as possible to get to the lodge or that infamous trailhead to unload their bikes. That combination of sound….children playing and people wrecking their suspension speeding over speed bumps does not paint a pretty picture in my head……5 days a week…..what are the chances that this happens every day that a child will not get injured or killed on that road. School is out this week folks. Don't ruin your life as well as many others by being that speeder who finally takes out a kid on that road. Slow down and don't be so selfish! This green slow down sign in the back of the truck……well I hauled that out of the forest as someone actually took it off the ride and threw it into the bush. Grow up people. Many of you have children if your own. Keep that in mind as you drive through the park. #ferniestoke#fernie#protectourkids#mtfernieprovincialpark #islandlakelodge #mountainbikefernie#fernie#keepkidssafe #dontruinlives#dontbeselfish#speedlimits#growup#localstoo#visitfernie#fernielife#bcparks

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